San Ignacio nº 716 A, Old Quarter Havana
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Traditional Cuban. International.

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To savor Havana

Variety, color and good presentation harmonize in the intimacy of a space that offers a well-achieved combination of dishes of Spanish and Cuban cuisine. The complement is given by the "cocktail" that gives name to the House: “Draquecito” and that according to the oral narration, it goes back to times when the pirates who frequented the Island celebrated the triumph of their battles with the combination of liquors and genuine herbs in a noble antecedent of the well-known "Mojito".

In an air-conditioned room in which Clients can mark their presence by signing the walls or, in the pleasant atmosphere of the semi-covered terrace you can enjoy the proximity of the marine environment of the Port and will be pleased with your choice.

They tell that at the end of the 16th century the famous corsair Sir Richard Drake, subordinate of the Captain Sir Francis Drake (corsair of the English crown) prepared the first version of what would be known later as Draquecito. The corsair mixed the aguardiente (raw rum without aging, of low quality with sugar, lime, mint and other herbs).

The brandy added heat, the water diluted the alcohol, the lime combatted the scurvy (vitamin C deficiency, typical of the sailors of that time who spent months at sea without eating fresh fruits). Mint and herbs cooled and the sugar allowed to digest this mixture. It was taken by Sir Francis Drake after his battles as he counted the gold coins that formed the coveted booty.

In the 1860s, the production of rum was already much more refined and aged, giving a rum of better quality that replaced the brandy and what was already known in Cuba as Draquecito was rebaptized as Mojito. Ernest Hemingway would transform this drink into an international drink. The mint comes from the cross between different types of mint, naturally, giving rise to a new one with better aroma and robustness.


San Ignacio nº 716 A, Old Quarter Havana


Traditional Cuban. International.

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Every Day: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM

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