Calle C nº15 entre 1ª y 3ª, Vedado
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MarAdentro Restaurant is located a few steps from the Caribbean Sea and it's last frontier, the iconic Havana boardwalk. The restaurant offers an unbeatable menu to tantalise your taste buds, drawing on the tastes of both the land and the sea.

The bar will delight you with both traditional and newly created cocktails, friendly and attentive staff and an atmosphere of comfort and tranquillity.

The restaurant encompasses geographically diverse cuisines-from Asia with it's millennia of development in spicing and flavouring to flirtations with modern South American cuisine. Our chef promises to serve delicious and innovative food on generous and well presented plates.

We look forward to welcoming you to MarAdentro.


Calle C nº15 entre 1ª y 3ª, Vedado


Author. International.

Accepted Currencies

US Dollar - United States Dollar

CUC - Cuban Convertible Peso

Opening Times

Every Day: 12:00 PM - 11:55 PM


Multi Language - Multi Idioma

Main / Principal - Summer / Verano

Multi Language - Multi Idioma

Admin Fee

Non refundable

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